Concrete Demolition & Removal

If you’re a contractor preparing to take on a new construction job or a renovation project, you might be concerned about the concrete removal that accompanies it. During both new builds and renovations, contractors will often have to do concrete demolition at some point. Rather than wasting a bunch of time doing it on your own, call on a company like J & L Concrete Cutting for assistance. We specialize in concrete breaking and demolition and will clear out any concrete you don’t need any longer from your job site.

Concrete removal isn’t necessarily as easy as it might look. Before concrete can be removed from a  commercial property, concrete demolition must be done to break concrete up so that it can be removed safely and efficiently. J & L Concrete Cutting has the tools and equipment that it takes to perform concrete breaking, allowing us to remove unwanted concrete from the premises. No matter how much concrete you might have, our licensed and insured team is equipped to clear it all out so that you can move seamlessly into the next portion of your project.

At J & L Concrete Cutting, we understand that time is of the essence as far as concrete removal is concerned. Contractors can’t sit around for days and weeks at a time waiting for concrete demolition to happen. Therefore, we’ll work to send a team out to your worksite as soon as we possibly can so that concrete breaking can begin. It’ll save your subcontractors a ton of time and ensure that your concrete removal is completed quickly. It’s why so many general contractors have trusted J & L Concrete Cutting to be their concrete demolition company for more than 30 years now.

Do you need to have concrete removal done before you can proceed with a project? Reach out to J & L Concrete Cutting at 480-848-0595 today to discover how we can help.